Techmeeting Budapest – 2017

The Hungarian Divers Federation will host its meeting for technical and cave diving fans in Budapest for the 4th time. Meetings of Technical divers and Cave divers have been organised separetly in recent years, however  we held a joint event last year. In 2017 we are following the same route by having a meeting for  technical-,cave-, recreational  divers and for everyone interested.

We managed to invite many foreign presentators for the event in 2016 – from Belgium and Slovakia - in order to provide the audience with even more colourful and interesting presentations.
As we would like to continue this trend the majority of the presentators will be from neighborough countries. Our plan is to organise an annual prestigious event in Mid-Europe by working together with renowned foreign colleagues and to provide insight for everyone - interested in technical or cave diving - into the latest international results and developments. In order to prevent any language difficulties professional interpretor will be at your disposal.

We provide opportunity for every manifactures and traders of the diving industry to be present at the conference as well as to build partnerships with each others.

Date of the event is 4th March 2017.     

Place of the event will again be the Magyar Sport Háza (House of Hungarian Sport) Conference Hall
For more information of the location of the event please click on the following link:

(Speakers page: klikk!)

Invited presentors:        prof. MUDr. František Novomeský, Ph.D. (Slovakia)

                                               Tomáš Slavata (Czech Republic)

                                               Stef Teuwen (Belgium)

                                               Dr. Balogh Tamás (Hungary)

                                               Dr. Miroslav Rozložník (Slovakia)

                                               Dražen Goricki (Croatia)

                                               Peter Kubička (Slovakia)

                                               Clemens Schützenhofer (Austria)

                                               Dr. Arne Sieber (Austria)


Program plan: 4th March 2017                                 

                                                                                08:30                Opening

                                                                               08:45 - 11:45     Presentations

                                                                               11:45 – 13:15     Lunch break

                                                                               13:15 – 17:45    Presentations

                                                                               18:00                     Closing 

Registration and prebooking:   From 31th January

Accommodation booking on discount price for participant:


Participation fee:                     

                                               Prebooking before 24th February 2017          6.000HUF            (20€)

                                               Prebooking after 24th February 2017            7.500HUF            (25€)

                                               On the spot                                                                 9.500HUF            (32€)



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