Prof. MUDr. František NOVOMESKÝ, PhD.



Court expert in the field of health.
Sector: Hyperbaric / Diving Medicine.
Specialisation: Injuries and fatal accidents of divers.

European Diving Technology Committee
European Underwater and Baromedical Society
Swiss Underwater and Hyperbaric Medical Society




Assoc. Prof. Arne SIEBER, PhD.

Assoc. Prof. Arne Sieber, PhD is a researcher working in the field of sensor technologies for rebreathers, dive computers and diving physiology.  He studied biomedical engineering at the Technical University of Graz. In 2002 he obtained his PhD in the field of electrochemical sensors. Since 2011 he is an associate professor of biomedical engineering at the Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Arne is author of more than 100 publications on conferences or scientific journals. He is inventor of more than 10 patents related to diving technologies and endoscopic surgery. In the past he was speaker at Rebreatherforum 3.0, Eurotek, Baltictech, etc.

In 2011 Arne founded SEABEAR GmbH in Austria. SEABEAR is a company focusing on innovative sensor systems and control technologies for rebreathers, diving medicine and dive computers. On October 27th,2015, approximately one year after launch of the successful H3 and T1 dive computers, Johnson Outdoors purchased SEABEAR GmbH. Since then Arne is Manager for R&D of  dive computers for Scubapro.

Dr. Miroslav ROZLOŽNÍK, PhD.




Lecturer at Faculty of Natural Sciences Comenius Universtity Bratislava
Area manager DAN Europe Slovakia
Leading instructor of diving school LE Divers

Scientist and diving instructor working in the area of diving physiology and hyperbaric medicine.
Miroslav participated in PHYPODE and focuses his research on decompression stress and experimental hyperbaric oxygen therapy







Instructor Trainer IANTD, inventor, designer and manufacturer of diving equipment.
Specializing in the underwater management of crisis situations. 



Michal Ševeček

Michal Sevecek.jpg


Michal Sevecek - dives more than 10 years. He is caver and cave diver, exploring uncharted caves in Slovakia.
Measuring, mapping and taking photos of places where nobody has been before. He lives to explore.

Presentation tittle:

Cave exploration in Slovakia (exploration, photography, surveying and mapping in extreme conditions)


Work of our group in Slovak caves. (River Cave, Kecovo Great Karst Resurgence and The Gajda's Adit)







Cemens Schützenhofer has been diving since 2003;  more than 9 years of DPV experience, in wreck, RB and Cavediving. He is involved in several projects, such as the first civil dive on GrafZeppelin09, Adriatic Wrecks, Caveprojects in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Italy, Hungary, Russia, France, Austria. Suex Trainer/Instructor for DPV’s.







Industrial Engineer Electro Mechanics (Master), Graduate in Pedagogy Studies, Graduate in Information and Communication Technology, Yacht Instructor

Diving since 1974, OC and CCR Trimix Instructor Trainer (Revo, JJ, AP, Aurora Blue, etc.)

Director of Diving Instructors of the Belgian / Flemish Government

Member of the CMAS Technical CommitteeMember of the Technical Committee of NELOS (Belgian – Flemish federation) Director of Diving Sports in diving for the Flemish Government

2014 - Wrecks of Jutland and wrecks in the fjords of Norway (Expedition leader)
2016 - Wrecks of Jutland – CMAS Dive for Peace Expedition (Expedition leader)
2008 - Belgian Expedition to the Britannic wreck, Kea – Greece (Responsible for the dive procedures)
2009 - Expedition to a wreck of the Elisabethian fleet (Member)
2010 - North sea Expedition to Malin Head

  Dražen GORICKI


NAUI Instructor Trainer, ANDI / TDI / IANTD Trimix and CCR (AP, Meg ),  TDI Full Cave Instructor
His first and last points of interest are caves and wrecks. This goes together with underwater filming and documenting all the diving sites he visits and showing the world beauties that lie beneath the sea surface. He has been teaching tech diving and CCR diving to students and participating in underwater explorations and scientific projects.

NAUI Instructor Trainer, ANDI / TDI / IANTD Trimix and CCR (AP, Megalodon),  TDI Full Cave Instructor

He has also been writing articles and reports with accompanying photograhs of his diving adventures for popular diving magazines such as Scuba Life and More (Croatia), Wetnotes (Germany), Duiken (Netherlands), Octopus (France), Revista Outdoor (Portugal), SUB (Italia) and many more.

One of the best experiences, if not the best, is by far the discovery and identification of the Giuseppe Garibaldi wreck - the deepest wreck in Croatia (-123 m), famous Italian armoured cruiser sunk during the First World War. He discovered and filmed the wreck with his team in 2009 and has dived at it a few more times. He has been working on the project of making a documentary film about the wreck which has been shown in shortened version on several national and international diving events so far.

The other major experience of him is the submarine U455 in Italy at the depth of - 125m  which is one of very well preserved German submarines. The view of U455 standing buried in the seabed at an angle of 45 degrees is astonishing.

Dr. BALOGH Tamás Phd.

Balogh Tamás.jpg


European lawyer specalist and Phd doctor. The history of shipping and the shipping itself has been his passion since his childhood. He is the author of numerous articles and books detailing the history of shipping and which also include his own illustrations. Internationally recognised and renowned expert of the history of shipping as well as member of many academic groups. He has also been the scientific director and leading expert of many domestic and international diving expeditions.

During the Jütland expedition in 2016 he masterminded and coordinated the work of research and documentation.


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